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Key of Life

“May the path rise up to meet you”

This Irish blessing well describes how I’ve experienced finding my pathways in life. If I may, I’d like to be part of helping you to discover or continue on yours.

I am a singer, songwriter, writer, voice teacher, music therapist, voice therapist, and teacher of the Alexander Technique. Often, people come to see me at a time of life transition. They are about to put together some new pieces of their personal puzzle, and voice, or music, or personal healing is on the course.

The individual human voice is the only music instrument that comes form the inner working of the body. Your voice is unique in all the world. Music is a complex, yet universal language of rhythm, harmony, melody, and form. Because of my own experiences with voice, music, the Alexander Technique, and recovery, when I began teaching 25 years ago, I quickly recognized the potency, depth, and wholeness possible in helping people to realize their voices. Because voice echoes and reflects ones’ life, voice lessons/therapy can be a place of opening, rediscovering, expressing, and integrating. It can be a powerful path to living life with more fullness and well being.

If you want to sing, if you want to be heard, if you want to learn to use your voice so it can carry all you want to express, if you need help finding your voice again and unleashing it from the confines of crushing, fearful, abusive experiences, if you have a good voice, if you can’t carry a tune or a clear message to the person seated next to you (let alone to the back of the room),
if you and your voice are shackled by over-tension, strain, poor breathing, discontent, if you are any age, all abilities, and on the spectrum of being alive, IF

I would like to help you on your true path. Check out my website at