Voice is a lifeline. From birth on, voice is how we connect. It’s as basic as breathing, and almost as vital. Voice is the Self, unique and completely interfacing one’s mind-body-emotions-energy. It sings, speaks, expresses. Vocal development is human development.

Music is a language of rhythm, melody, harmony, and form. Music highlights our passage through time. Is is a structure, a cradle, a movement, an inspiration, a challenge, a memory.  Music is universal.

Singing is the only function which fully utilizes the body-voice instrument. So it only makes sense that we are all born to sing! It is a human, ancestral inheritance.

Not everybody wants to sing, nor enjoys it. That’s ok. Voice is even more than singing! Creating time to develop one’s voice is to engage in developing one’s life.

My name is Kathy Moore. I am a singer, a songwriter, a writer, a voice teacher, a board certified music therapist, and a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique. My life’s work is to help others to explore and realize full and authentic voice.